Data Services Company

We support organizations’ adoption of digital technologies and provide a faster way to improve business intelligence & efficiency, by developing solutions with main focus in BI, data analytics and machine learning.

At deltAlyz, we combine agile methods, digital strategies, and cutting-edge technologies to help you succeed in your digital transformation journey.


Web, Mobile And Business Applications

As data being at the center of digital technologies, its quality and the consistency of data entry is directly affecting your possibilities to drive more efficiency and better decision making in your organization. While sometimes it can be difficult to fix all dataflows maintained in some legacy systems, you are still in control of other daily manually entered and stored data.

At deltAlyz, we develop tailored business applications to overcome these challenges. We provide your team with web and mobile applications to help generate better and consistent data quality as well as improved storage solutions. These applications are built with system integration in mind to natively communicate with other tools and systems using API capabilities and Robotic Process Automation.


These last years we have seen a spike in the number of cyber attacks toward companies of all sizes, they are usually driven by either destructive goals or ransom motivations.

At deltAlyz, we help organizations defend their systems against these new sophisticated threats. We can help you act fast and develop strategies to protect more your on-premises and cloud systems by adopting proactive protection techniques.

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